18 Reasons Why Coffee Is Good For You And Why You Should Drink Up

18 Reasons Why Coffee Is Good For You And Why You Should Drink Up

The word is out. Coffee is good for you.

In fact, for years now we’ve heard time and time again how and why that is. One day, you’ll come across an article citing the positive impact of caffeine on your workout. Another day, the headlines read, “Coffee Leads To Decreased Cancer Risk.” The good news keeps piling up.

Instead of reading about the benefits of coffee one article at a time, we thought we’d put them all together in one place.  You’ll easily see why coffee is good for you, which will have you feeling super pleased with your coffee habit.

And now we proudly present…Coffee and all the reasons to love it!

woman stretching

Coffee energizes you


1. It energizes you. 

That little jolt of caffeine (or way too much caffeine, depending on your preferred intake) gives you that pep you need to get you through the day.


2. It’s there for you before wine o’clock strikes.

When 5 o’clock seems so far away, just have another cup.


3. Speaking of wine, coffee is good for your liver.

Numerous studies have found that coffee reduces your risk of liver disease by up to 70%. That’s huge. Think: post-weekend cure all!


a bunch of paintbrushes in a container

Coffee increases creativity

4. It keeps you creative.

The alertness you feel helps your mind conjure up new ideas, approaches and perspectives. Case in point…I was halfway through my iced latte when I came up with this blog idea! Obviously the right brain works better when coffee is involved.


5. It can satisfy a sweet craving.

Okay, maybe if you take it black this won’t happen (unless you’re drinking something  like an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe) but adding a little milk and sugar once in a while never hurt anyone.


6. It’s packed with antioxidants.

Anyone who cares about their health perks up when they hear that something is rich in antioxidants (fyi, antioxidants, in short, are molecules that prevents cell damage.) With more antioxidants in a cup of coffee than a cup of tea or a serving of blueberries, you can give yourself a good old pat on the back.


7. Coffee keeps you focused.

Will you get that report in by the end of the day? Heck yeah, you will. In fact you bet $50 that you’ll get a week’s worth of work done by day’s end! How ya like them apples?!?!

cup of coffee with coffee beans that look like a heart rate

Coffee positively impacts your health

8. It keeps you alive.

As mentioned, coffee reduces cirrhosis of the liver; but it doesn’t stop there. Coffee reduces the risk of many other serious diseases, including type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer, Alzheimer’s, skin cancer and various other forms of cancer.. A recent study found that those who regularly drink 4 cups of coffee have a 64% lower change of early death


9. It can partner up with milk.

If you’re the majority, you drink milk with your coffee and milk has calcium and calcium is good for you. Strong bones, anyone?!?!


10. Coffee keeps you regular.

Enough said.


11. It gives you a ritual.

No one knows what the day holds, so its comforting to know that you have part of your day planned out.  Step One: Walk into your office and turn on the lights. Step Two: Log onto your computer. Step Three: Go to the break room and pour your first beautiful piping cup of delicious joy.


woman running outdoors

Coffee boosts your workout

12. Coffee amplifies your workout.

Badass status…Check! Look how many more reps you got in today…how much your endurance increased. Get it, girl! (or dude!)


13. Coffee warms your hands on a cold day.

Gloves just keep the cold out while coffee lets the heat in.


14. It’s a conversation starter.

For example, a stranger (eyeing your coffee) says, “Ooo that looks delicious…what is that delightful concoction you just ordered?” 

You excitedly respond with, “Well, it’s a soy latte. No foam. Two shots of vanilla.” Smiles exchanged. Conversation started.


women enjoying coffee over a business meeting

Coffee is a conversation starter, brings people together and positively impacts work productivity

15. It brings people together.

Women meet up with their girlfriends for coffee. Professionals discuss business tactics over a cup. Casual interviews take place at coffee shops. First dates are less nerve-wracking thanks to that mug in your hand.


16. It increases work productivity.

Studies have shown that co-workers who indulge in coffee prior to a meeting find that meeting to be more engaging and collaborative.


17. It keeps you hydrated.

Apparently, we all should be drinking more liquids and it doesn’t all have to be water. Coffee is a perfectly acceptable supplement for when you’re just not in the mood for more H2O… although drip coffee is 98% water!


hot cup of coffee surrounded by coffee beans

Coffee is Good for you! Best. News. Ever.

18. Lastly, coffee just tastes good.

And with all these added benefits, you’re probably reaching for another cup!




Written by Kimberly Oley, Marketing Director, W.B. Law Coffee

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