THE DARK TIMES “The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry.”(Brooks in The Shawshank Redemption, 1994, Darabont, Frank) This is a perfect quote to summarize the U.S. during the 1900’s, especially post WW2. The post-war economic boom was referred to as the Golden Age of Capitalism. $200 billion in war bonds matured,View post →


JAVA: UPDATED The early 20th century brought advances of electricity and gas utilities revolutionizing the coffee industry. Natural gas could now be piped into large commercial coffee roasters, doing away with roasters powered by coal and wood. My grandfather told me stories about how his father had wanted to convert his roaster to gas, fightingView post →


BREWING OFF THE GRID Now, if you’ve had the opportunity to travel deep into coffee growing regions, or even simply to go camping, you will have encountered conditions where electric and running water are not readily accessible. To roast green coffee and brew a cup is no simple task; For Colonists however, that was everydayView post →

What’s So Hot, About Cold Brew Coffee?

This summer it seems like, everywhere you go, you see cold brew coffee. You walk past your national donut or coffee shop retailer, you see cold brew. You go to your local grocery store, and you see SKU’s of cold brew coffee bottles. And if you’re really paying attention, then there’s even a shot thatView post →

Part 2 of Coffee Lover, Meet Single Serve!

We left off discussing how single serve coffee saves us time in regards to the brewing process… And time spent brewing the coffee is just the beginning. You then spend time cleaning – the pot itself, the filter and used grounds, measuring spoons, coffee drips and grounds that have spilled on counters and floors. Thus,View post →

Coffee Lover, Meet Single Serve!

Single serve…the one-cup wonder. It has taken the market by storm and it’s no surprise. For decades we have woken up each morning (perhaps after hitting the snooze…a few times) to start our routine. We shower, brush our teeth, get dressed and turn on that beloved pot. And as we are about to fill upView post →

107 years…and counting!

Welcome to our blog, Brew All About It! To get our blog journey started it only seems fair to start with how Law Coffee came to be. So, here goes… Let’s journey back to the year 1909. Up steps Walter B. Law who had recently left Wall Street as a tea broker. Walter lived inView post →