Coffee Lover, Meet Single Serve!

Coffee Lover, Meet Single Serve!

Single serve…the one-cup wonder. It has taken the market by storm and it’s no surprise. For decades we have woken up each morning (perhaps after hitting the snooze…a few times) to start our routine. We shower, brush our teeth, get dressed and turn on that beloved pot. And as we are about to fill up our second cup of java goodness, the hustle and bustle of our day interferes, denying us that refill. We cringe and internally scream “Noooo!” as we pour the remaining coffee (might as well be gold) down the sink into the coffee wasteland below.

But then, suddenly, a hero emerges before our weepy eyes; The answer to our prayers. He is small and mighty and sized to perfection; He is the single serve cup.

This little cutie is more than just good looks. For one, he can pack a bold punch, jamming an average of 10 whopping grams of coffee in that little cup. Thus, we learn, once again, to never judge someone (or in this case, a food and beverage product) by its size. (Note: Law’s Single-serve coffee has 12 grams of coffee per cup. Just sayin’!)

And man, is he fresh! And we’re not talking that “scold that child for his tone” fresh. Single-serve gives you that “brings a smile to your face as you take your first whiff” kind of fresh. Due to the process in which the cups are sealed, including being nitrogen-flushed, they become impermeable to moisture, oxygen and light.

I referred to him as a hero and we all know that every hero has a magical power. But this guy’s powers number more than just one. He has the power to save us time, reduce waste (this, however, is twofold) and lessen both messes and arguments.

When you brew a pot of coffee, you can’t please everyone; it’s a fact. He likes regular. She likes decaf. He likes it strong. She likes it light-bodied. Uncle Billy likes House Blend while Aunt Marie likes French Vanilla. An utter cafétastrophe! All hope is not lost as the ability to offer each person his or her exact coffee desires is achieved with single serve coffee; Some may even argue that the percentage of family fall-outs has decreased significantly as a result!

Not only does single-serve save relationships, it also saves us time. In this day and age with expectations of instant gratification, time is all the more precious. It takes approximately 30 seconds for your single serve cup of coffee to be ready for your consumption; I don’t know how you could argue that that’s pretty efficient. With an old-school brewer, you spend time filling the pot, pouring in the water, measuring the ground coffee and waiting (twiddle thumbs), waiting (tap your foot) and waiting (yawn!) Eventually you will get that beautiful pot brewed but you can definitely save time with single-serve.

Check Back with us for Part 2 of Coffee Lover, Meet Single Serve.

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