Cold Brew Coffee..taking your day from fine to phenomenal!

Cold Brew Coffee..taking your day from fine to phenomenal!

Ironbound cold brew coffee by WB Law Coffee in Newark.
(Aaron Houston, NJBIZ)

Ironbound Cold Brew Coffee…let’s just say it has taken off!

We, at WB Law Coffee, did our research and the #coldbrewcoffee craze is more than a trend…it’s an everlasting fixture in the coffee marketplace.

Sales of cold brew coffee have skyrocketed to the tune of $7.9m, a 115% increase between 2014 and 2015. Both sales and enthusiasm for this cold coffee beverage are on the up and up.

With 66% more caffeine we have coffee lovers swooning. But we didn’t make just any old cold brew. We put in the time.

We took courses on brewing, safety standards, cold beverage storing and shipping. We outfitted space, right here in our Newark, NJ Ironbound District offices, to manufacture our own cold brew coffee (To our knowledge we are the only FDA compliant cold brew coffee brewery in the Metro NYC area.) And in the end, we unveiled #IronboundColdBrew Coffee.

From left, WB Law Coffee’s Chris Fillipone, production manager, Matt Flanagan, operations manager, David M. Mendez, president and owner, David W. Mendez, vice president, and Angela Almonte, chief cold brewer, inside their Ironbound cold brew coffee brewery at WB Law Coffee in Newark.
(Aaron Houston, NJBIZ)

We were recently featured in New Jersey’s leading weekly business journal, NJBIZ. Check out the full article here.

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