"We know seed to cup."

Every cup of Law Coffee has a story…a journey, if you will. The beans used to make your coffee went through an extensive process, referred to as the “Seed to Cup” process, to arrive at their final destination…your cup. Our procurement team has over 80 years of sourcing green coffee, cupping, purchasing and barista/brewing expertise. This high level of experience gives us a competitive advantage over the countless coffee companies that have flooded the marketplace, allowing us to help you deliver a quality cup of coffee.

“Mommy, where does coffee come from?”


Find out how green coffee differs from the rest.

Green Coffee are the raw, unroasted coffee beans inside the cherries on the coffee plant. Once the coffee cherries have been picked from the coffee trees by hand or machines, the beans are separated by ripeness, then washed and separated from its red or even yellow coffee cherry.  This is achieved through either a “wet” or “dry/natural” process. Next, the beans are “milled” in which the remaining layers of skin and fruit residue are removed. Then, they are sorted by region, size, and quality, through a variety of methods such as gravity separator machines, color sorting machines or even by hand! The beans are bagged and sent to the local port in containers, where they will take off for their final port of destination. This last stop is where the coffee will be roasted, ready to be sold to retailers and consumers alike.


How our Quality Control keeps your coffee tasting great!
  • We start with directly sourcing our green coffees. Over the past several years, our company has visited Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Cuba & Tanzania to select the best coffee beans. We observe how the coffee is being grown on the farms, milled, warehoused, and then purchase accordingly.
  • Once we’ve selected the coffee, pre-shipment green coffee samples arrive at our facility. We cup the samples and decide to buy that particular lot. The green coffee is shipped and arrives at the US Port of Entry where it is unloaded off the container ships. We then receive another green coffee sample to confirm its quality and moisture content. Once it is approved, delivery orders are issued.
  • The coffee is then carefully roasted to our specifications, maximizing its flavor. Our team then takes the coffee into our control laboratory and uses an Agtron Machine and a moisture analyzer to double check the coffee has been roasted properly.
  • If the coffee is ground for packaging, we analyze its grind profile. The coffee is then brewed in the appropriate brewer (i.e. drip, urn, satellite, decanter or espresso machine) to check the water to contact time, to make sure the extraction is correct and then start the packaging process.

All of our processes take into consideration the reduction of risk with regards to the consistency and quality of our coffees.