The Perfect Café Experience For Your Customers

The Law Coffee Café concept can be a customized cafe developed for the retailer who wants to stay on the cutting edge of coffee service.

As espresso bars, cafes, and donut shops spring up throughout the marketplace, consumers become exposed to a wider range of specialty coffee beverages such as espresso, cappuccino, lattes, nitro cold brew and much more. The standard convenience store and deli business model that only serves hot coffee and powdered cappuccino is evolving to much more.

Our concept is to build a café within your existing business structure that will give you the opportunity to serve both hot and cold specialty drinks, appealing to a wide customer net. You will be outfitted with espresso machines, blenders and all the necessary equipment, as well as training, to produce the upscale beverages your customers are looking for. You will be able to compete head to head with those franchises, and be years ahead of your competitors by having a beautiful professional café environment.