Law Coffee Is Officially Open at Newark Liberty International Airport

Law Coffee Is Officially Open at Newark Liberty International Airport

The $2.7 billion Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport took another huge step toward completion Tuesday with the opening of seven additional gates.

The openings, part of the second phase of the $2.7 billion Terminal A, will be used for United Airlines and JetBlue operations – bringing both carriers to full capacity at the terminal.

With the openings, 28 of the 33 gates are in operation. The remaining five gates, which will be used with the transition of Delta from Terminal B to Terminal A, will become operational in the next 60 days.

Airlines currently operating in Terminal A include Air Canada, American, JetBlue, and United.

In addition, six more concession and retail offerings have opened over the past five days, including Jersey Mike’s; Newark-based Law Coffee; the Ink bookstore; Boardwalk; the contactless retailer Nonstop by Hudson, and an additional New Jersey Monthly location offering local goods in the arrivals hall.

Once fully open, Terminal A will host a total of 55 food and retail options from locally owned and operated concessionaires from Newark, Elizabeth, and Jersey City, and regional, national and global brands.

Port Authority Chairman Kevin O’Toole is beyond pleased.

“The opening of Terminal A at Newark Liberty is a historic project representing the agency’s largest ever single investment in New Jersey,” he said. “These openings mark an exciting milestone in our vision of delivering state-of-the-art terminals at the airport.”

The announcements are just the latest for the Terminal.

Last month, United Airlines opened a United Club location as the first of three airline lounges to open in the new Terminal A. The two other clubs at Terminal A – the American Airlines Admirals Club, and the Delta Air Lines Sky Club – will open later this quarter.

Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton said the latest opening mark another significant step.

“The Port Authority, which is committed to creating world-class airports for our region, is driving a $30 billion investment in transforming the region’s airports into a network of modern, state-of-the art gateways,” he said. “As we near the completion of the second phase of construction in Terminal A, we are excited for passengers to experience the entire terminal’s world-class customer amenities.”

The new Terminal A replaced the previous outmoded terminal that had opened in 1973. The new 33-gate facility features state-of-the-art digital technology, modern passenger amenities, and superior dining and retail options. In addition to offering an innovative public art program showcasing 29 local artists, Terminal A has been designed and constructed to achieve LEED silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Michael Kunz, CEO of Munich Airport NJ LLC, which operates Terminal A, is thrilled.

“The new Terminal A has been an amazing experience in collaboration with the industry leaders sharing the same common goal of meeting travel demand and providing a world-class travel experience to passengers flying out of Newark Liberty International Airport,” he said. “We are confident the addition of new gates, food and retail concessions are also poised for success as they prepare to serve a projected nearly 14 million passengers this year.”

The Port Authority also is committed to building a brand-new AirTrain Newark system, which is integral to modernizing and improving Newark Liberty. The AirTrain started operating in 1996 and is now outdated. It carries an average of 26,000 passengers per day or nearly 10 million passengers per year. It connects to the Northeast Corridor Rail Link Station and provides customers and employees with the ability to transfer among terminals, parking lots and rental car facilities.

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